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Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken recipe

Forget going out to eat or ordering takeout every time you crave Southern food. Try making Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken w Sweet Spicy Glaze at home.

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Cooking directions

Step-by-step guide


Boil the quinoa as per packet instructions.


Add the celery, onion, and cooked peas to a bowl. Smash some of the peas.


Add the quinoa


Season with lemon zest, lemon, salt pepper, fresh chilli, salt pepper, smoked paprika


Add the feta

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Commonly asked questions

I have food allergy, what should I do?

Our recipes are based on your fridge’s content, we’re planning to have separate filters for different food allergies so you can completely avoid recipes that are not the perfect match.

Is this app ready?

We believe we're never 100% ready, constantly looking for ideas to reduce food waste. But good news, we're not far to show it to everyone. You can speed up the process by joining our beta testers to see what works and what not. We really want to hear your voice!

Where can I find it? Why is this not in the app store?

After a long hesitation between native (iOS, Android) and web platforms we decided to create on the web which is accessible for everyone regardless of the phone they have or the phone operating system they use. As an advantage you can also browse the app on your laptop too.

At a later stage we might create a native version as well, if we see there is a demand for it.

What is an expiry date?

We know expiry dates can be daunting. We made our research by using international databeses for the best possible calculation. By default the expiry date shows the last day a product is safe to consume. We also have a different expiry date after you've opened the can, package, bag or anything sealed.

However, we are still working on this feature, occassional problems may come up! ✨

How do you calculcate my carbon foodprint?

Carbon foodprint levels are calculated each month by measuring the different costs of the product lifecycle went into your used and thrown out ingredients.

How much can I save by using the ingredients?

It's really up to you! We made a dedicated area within the app where you can follow each month the amount of ingredients you've used up and their average $(USD) value. Imagine if all this went into the trash.🙀💸

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